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Thousands of used and new Christian
CDs, Tapes, Videos, Records, Posters and More


Christian  Music  X-Change  lets you buy, sell and trade used and
new Christian CDs, tapes, records, videos, magazines,  books  and
more  by  mail.  There are thousands of items in stock, including
many that are out of print or otherwise unavailable at  Christian

ORDERING:  Send your name and address and a list of item/services
wanted along with payment including shipping/handling(& insurance
if wanted) to: CMX 2127 SE 155th Av Portland, OR 97233 (USA). It's
preferred, though not required, that  you  send  a  hold  request
before  ordering  to  make  sure  the  items  you  want  will  be
available. There's often only one copy of an item in stock and if
it's already sold or on hold for someone then  this  delays  your
order.  If you did not request holds it's suggested that you list
alternates  in  case  any  of your first choices are gone.  Email
cmxmusic@gmail.com for holds. If no alternates are listed, a credit will
go on your account unless otherwise requested. Alternates  should
be  listed  in  order  of preference.  All items must be paid for
before shipping except in the  case  of  COD  orders.  Items  are
shipped  in  undamaged  condition  unless  listed  differently in
catalog.  Depending on payment method, shipping  method  and  the
Post Office, orders can take anywhere from 2 days to as much as 6
weeks to arrive.

If you would like detailed instructions for ordering,please click

There are several ways you can pay for your order:

1. Credit Cards [[[ FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE ]]]: CMX accepts credit
card  orders  via PayPal.com.  Unfortunatly they charge CMX a fee
and percentage on  each  transaction  so the following additional
fee is required on PayPal orders.  This fee applies regardless of
if the money is coming from  credit card, paypal balance, savings
account, etc:

Credit Card fee (via by PayPal) for orders up to $ 50:     add $2
                                           up to $100:     add $3
                                           up to $200:     add $6
                                           up to $300:     add $9
                                           up to $400:     add$12
                                           up to $500:     add$15

Please make sure to include this fee along with  price  of  items
ordered, insurance, shipping/handling, etc.

Orders are sent to the address that PayPal has on record for your
account unless otherwise requested.  When paying  please  include
a listing  the items and services you want.   When paying, you'll
need to provide CMX's email address (cmxmusic@gmail.com) and transaction
amount.  It's also highly recommended  that  you send a  list  of
holds to CMX first and  then wait for a reply so that you'll know
the correct amount to transfer.  Otherwise  your CMX account will
be credited.  There's  no  charge  to sign-up or to keep a PayPal
account,just the fees above when sending money to CMX via PayPal.
To sign up for PayPal go to 
PayPal.com .

****************************************************** PLEASE make sure to include both shipping/handling and the above listed fees when using PayPal ******************************************************
2. Personal checks: Send a check made out to "G. Brown" to the address below. There's a 12 day waiting period on personal checks. If your check bounces, there is a $20 charge plus check amount. PLEASE be certain you have enough money in your account. 3. Money order, bank/cashier's check or traveler's checks: Same as above but no waiting period on these. 4. Cash (at your own risk): It's not recommended but you can pay by cash at your own risk if you wish. It's unlikely to be lost in the mail but it can happen. 5. Credit from trades: See trade-in section for more information on trading items. 6. COD (Collect On Delivery): Orders can be sent COD for the ADDITIONAL fees listed below. If paying by cash the post office will charge you an additional fee to make out a money order. The Post Office only holds these for a short time before sending them back. Please make sure you have sufficent money when the package arrives and claim it promptly. 7. Direct Deposit: You can also do a direct deposit into the CMX account at no charge if you have a Bank Of America branch where you live. Email CMX if you need information. 8. Transfer From Your Bank Account: You can transfer money from your bank account to CMX using PayPal.com. You'll need to sign up and transfer the money to cmxmusic@gmail.com. The fees listed above under section 1 apply. Please check above for more information on PayPal. Register at https://secure.paypal.x.com/affil/pal=ccmxmusic%40gmail.com 9. Yahoo BillPay or similar services that send out a check to the party you indicate. You'll need to provide them with the CMX mailing address: CMX 2127 SE 155th Av Portland, OR 97233 SHIPPING/HANDLING (Domestic): Media rate shipping/handling(about 10 days) 1-10 items: $5 Media rate shipping/handling (about 10 days)11-20 items: $7 Media rate shipping/handling (about 10 days)21-50 items: $9 Media rate shipping/handling (about 10 days)51-80 items:$11 Media rate shipping/handling (about 10 days)81-100items:$12 First Class/Priority s/h (about 3 days ) 1-4 items: $7 First Class/Priority s/h (about 3 days) 5-10 items: $12 First Class/Priority s/h (about 3 days) 11-20 items: $15 First Class/Priority s/h (about 3 days) 21-30 items: $19 First Class/Priority s/h (about 3 days) 31-50 items: $26 Express Mail (usually overnight): $20 and up - contact CMX Insurance: required orders up to $ 50: add $1 UNLESS you accept any orders up to $100: add $2 possible loss. orders up to $200: add $3 orders up to $300: add $4 -- Note: Insurance is highly recommended. CMX will **NOT** replace -- uninsured orders that are lost, damaged or stolen after mailing. -- It's rare but does happen. Make sure to choose insurance if you -- are unwilling to take this risk. Delivery Tracking (optional):$3 or FREE on orders of 5+ items:$___ COD shipping for orders up to $50 total: add $8 orders up to $100 total: add $9 orders up to $200 total: add $10 orders up to $300 total: add $11 orders up to $400 total: add $12 orders up to $500 total: add $13 DELIVERY TRACKING: You can also purchase Delivery Tracking for an additional $3 per order or free on orders of 5 items or more. This is not insurance but it tell you if the package has been delivered or is still in the postal system and if delivered, date of delivery. If you've ordered delivery tracking and want to know the delivery status, send an email to cmxmusic@gmail.com and the tracking number will be provided. Then check with the Post Office by phone or online to see the status of the shipment. Insurance is more practical so it's recommended that you get insurance then add delivery tracking if wanted. Be sure to mark this is wanted. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: CMX wants you to be happy with your purchase. If you're not satisfied with an item, whether it's because of defect or because you just don't like it, mail it back to CMX within 30 days of receipt for credit. Items must be returned in the same condition received and credit can be used for other CMX merchandise at anytime. For items sent new and returned opened, $3 will be deducted from the credit. If an item is defective, please note that when you return it. Credit does not include shipping/handling or insurance to or from CMX. TRADE-INS:CMX deals mainly in Christian CDs, but will give credit or cash on just about anything of value - records, tapes, videos, DVDs, etc, etc. Credit prices are generally $4 or $5 for CDs and $.25 or $.50 for tapes, though prices may be anywhere from a few cents to over $100. Deductions are made for damaged or missing cases, damaged or missing inserts (regardless of how they were originally issued), marks, scratches, cardboard cases and the like. You can also have cash but it's much lower then the trade credit price. For more information on trading or selling items please go to http://www.cmxmusic.com/tradsell.htm INDIE ARTISTS/BANDS: If you have your own CD out and want to try marketing it through CMX, please email cmxmusic@gmail.com for details. REQUESTS: It's best to check the website for the latest additions and/or be added to the email update list. If you want specific notification when a particular item comes in, please send $1 per item (you'll need to provide artist, title and format wanted) and your contact information (email, phone or address). Notification only tells you that an item is in. It may be sold by the time you order, it may be in the bid section, and others may also have been notified. Items are sold to the first person to request them or, in the case of bid items, to the highest bidder. ORDERING NEW ITEMS: New items can be ordered from the distributor but they would be list price plus $2 per item plus the normal fee for shipping/handling. If you have a Christian bookstore in your area it would probably be cheaper to have them order the items for you. Most won't charge you extra since they usually order many items at once. CATALOG: You can view or download the current catalog and updates at www.cmxmusic.com. You can also sign up for the monthly email updates by sending a blank email to: CMXupdatesM-subscribe@yahoogroups.com If you would prefer the current catalog emailed to you for free, please send a request to cmxmusic@gmail.com If you have any further questions, please go to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page at

http://www.cmxmusic.com/faq.htm or email CMX at cmxmusic@gmail.com
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