Okay, there's a lot of information here and it can be confusing.  But
all you really need to know is:

1. Find the item or items you want in the catalog or overstock page.

2. Send an email to and with the item(s) wanted.  Pasting
   in the listing is best.

3. You'll be sent back an email telling you the item is being held for
   you (if available) and providing full ordering information.

   That's it.

   If you want to trade items just email a list of what you have.
   Include artist and title, one item per line to
   If you have additional info you should also include that (reissue,
   unopened, damage, etc)

   For example:

   Amy Grant - Age To Age
   Steve Taylor - I Predict 1999 - unopened
   Delirious - Glo

If you have any questions, feel free to write to

Thanks and good hunting.

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